Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The History of England Podcast

I have been fairly busy the last month-- more so than even usual with three kids all in extracurricular activities-- and one of the more interesting things to occupy my spare time has been the History of England Podcast. And I thought the History of Rome Podcast was long! The History of England has run over a hundred episodes so far, and has just reached the beginning of the Hundred Years' War! It has obviously entertained me, and I dare say educated me, or I would not have listened so long. It occasionally gives episodic updates on what else is going on in Europe, and obviously a lot of English history post-1066 is intertwined with France's history, so you're getting a somewhat wider view than you might think. Combined with Norman Centuries and 12 Byzantine Rulers and you're getting a much wider view of the Dark and Middle Ages, especially. Can't wait to fill it out with the History of France in English, maybe the Medieval Archives and the British History Podcast, and even the History of English Podcast...and I can't wait for somebody to start a Holy Roman Empire podcast! Real opportunity there, people!!


  1. I love History of Rome, still a regular listen while I paint. Lars Brownworth's two podcasts are fantastic too. Haven't heard of the History of France in English, but I'll be sure to check it out too! Thanks for the spot.

    Have you listened to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast? The series on the Fall or the Roman Republic and the Khans are highly entertaining!

    1. I have listened to specific episodes of Hardcore History, but find him too overly dramatic for my tastes!

  2. Found you from Minions podcast. Love your work. Time to update more.