Saturday, January 7, 2006

My New Hirst Starship Molds

I got my first Hirst Arts molds, the starship molds, and have been playing with them a lot the last few days. They rock.

I made some paper proxies just to fool around with the layout before I ordered any, to make sure they would work for my corridors. There's not a lot of pieces, but they're pretty modular, so you have some choices about how to lay them out. I also ordered some samples and played around with them.

It was clear to me that once I started casting the molds, the walls would be pretty scarce, so after I ordered them, I took some of the samples I had and made my own wall mold. I had some Durham's Water Putty on hand and started casting with it, but it set too slowly.

The molds came in, and I began casting. I'm trying to get some quality dental plaster, but in the meantime, I've been casting with Plaster of Paris. Here, you can see me casting up about two pounds worth. It goes by pretty quickly.

I glued down some floor tiles, but I was thinking about leaving the inside areas on square boundries. That way you could play something square-based, like Space Hulk. It's kind of weird, though, leaving the square around the outside, and it means you can't just have a door into a hall, you have to have a small corridor. Also, I haven't played Space Hulk in five years, so I doubt it really matters.

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