In the Queue

  1. Infinity: Paint Fusilier, Croc-Man, two ORCs.
  2. Terrain: Rework trees. Forest borders.
  3. D-Day: Paint bunkers. Touch up beach. Paint 6x DUKWs. Paint P-47 Tbolt. Paint 10.5cm battery. Paint 29th MG platoon. Paint 29th mortar platoon. Flak battery. Run game.
    • Paint Rangers, LCAs.
    • Paint 6x M7 Priests
    • Paint beach staff team, observers.
    • Other rules: Piquet, Blitzkrieg Commander
  4. Napoleonics: Paint Russians.
    • Buy bases.
    • Base unbased Russians.
    • Paint command stands.
    • Paint casualty markers.
    • Run game.
  5. Lord of the Rings/SAGA: Help N.O.S. paint Mumak. Run game.
  6. Saga: To support LotR as well. Buy Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Welsh. Dice. 4Ground Saxon buildings.
    • Examine river for Saga scenario. Two dark age bridges.
    • Paint 6th point Vikings.
    • Paint 6th point Anglo-Danes.
    • Paint 4 points of Welsh.
    • Buy 5th and 6th point of Welsh.
    • Consider Normans.
  7. Prehistorics: Base Neanderthals. Paint firestarters. Make 2.5" x 2.5" fire, burned out counters (how many?). Snow cloth. Run Tusk. Basing materials, base Spinosaurus. Run dino hunting.
  8. Cowboys: Build courthouse. Run Cimarron courthouse game. Finish gallows.
  9. Bolt Action: Receive rules. Assemble, paint hanomag. Finish bases on 101st. Run game.
  10. French and Indian War: Paint 20 militia. Paint 20 Indians.

Longer term thinking...

  1. Flames of War:
    1. Further D-Day: Brit Paras (also Op:MG), Brit infantry, Brit armour, full Rangers. Brit landing?
    2. US Airborne in Sicily
  2. Gladiators. Paint, play. Animals to fight? Have bear, hyenas, gorilla, okay lions.
  3. Tomorrow's War exist 15mm Sci-Fi, Force on Force existing Iraq
  4. 6mm Yom Kippur War with Cold War Commander.
  5. Hirst fantasy terrain for LotR?
  6. Have lots of AK-47 stuff...arrange and paint up for a game?

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