Saturday, June 30, 2007

Piquet: Field of Battle

I ran Piquet: Field of Battle games the last two Fridays, 1809 Austrians vs. French. The guys who played in the games were only vaguely familiar with Piquet, I think from the first edition Master Rules, both they seemed to like FoB.
I've been a Piquet fan for years, and I love FoB. Piquet plays nicely, but there are common criticisms: the units take a long time to stat up, you can have very uneven initiative runs, etc... FoB addresses these quite well, as well as dropping many of the rules from regular Piquet that I always wound up forgetting anyway! It quite nicely balances out play (no more uneven initiative runs) while retaining the uncertainty of Piquet. Plus, it is self-contained, no need to buy the Master Rules and fool around with expensive supplements for each period. I highly recommend these rules.