Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1,000 Posts

Somewhere along the way, I posted my 1,000th entry on this blog. I'm not the oldest or the most voluminous, but I figure I'm near the upper echelon of both, despite my periodic absences. Anyway, here's to me and my handful of readers! This site is hosted out of my home, which explains its sluggishness at times, but next week should see a new 25 Mb/s down, 10 Mb/s up (from me to you) fibre service installed! Hopefully, that should noticeably speed things up. After that, maybe a modest server's currently running on a pretty old Pentium III...

Buying Your Way In

I've never been much of one to play with figures other people have painted. I've bought and used a handful of used units before, and I've sent a few units to Fernando Enterprises, and one thing is clear to me: I just don't enjoy my miniatures as much unless I have painted them. Plus, you tend to have the additional cost of painting labor on top of the figures themselves, making the whole thing more expensive. Yet I finally broke down and bought an entire army.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Venerate the Living Emperor!

Sounds like we may be playing a little Dark Heresy...I ordered the core rulebook today.

Making Ladders

A Year of Frugal Gaming has some quick ladder building tips. I've used HO scale model railroad tracks before. You just can't have enough ladders, especially if you play Necromunda...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Agora: How Shall We Live?

I heard about Agora on the Master Plan podcast, and thought it sounded interesting. You're actually simulating the construction of a society from one of several colonies on a distant planet. It's framed that you're roleplaying the ideologue leader of your faction, but it looks like it's more faction than personally focused. I haven't looked at it too closely, but it reminded me of a Sci-Fi version Dawn of Worlds, although it looks more complicated.

What I Have Been Doing

Updates have obviously trickled dry after a nice little run as life caught up with me. I have three kids, the youngest of which just turned one, and they can be quite a handful. In the last month since my last post, I managed to play in a game of Red November, which I found fun. I thought the rules were a bit ambiguous in places, but probably with a few plays through to sort that out, it would make for a quick, fun game. I got in a couple of games of our monthly 3.5 D&D game, as well as the online GURPS game I participate in (I'm Tonim). I even ran a game of Spirit of the Century. I also finished the Dan Abnett Ravenor trilogy. Looking at that, I guess my gaming life hasn't been the wasteland it's felt the last couple months. I mean, it's almost May, and I've only painted just 14-15 figures, less than four figures a month!!