Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dirstside 2 Vehicle Generator Restored

Random Giant Sci-Fi Tank!

It's taken...awhile, but my Dirtside 2 Vehicle builder is active again. I know several people have been waiting. Sorry to be such a slacker. You'd think I wasn't a technology professional, but the cobbler's children have no shoes...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Burn, baby, burn!

Wool Roving
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So I picked up some Felt Works Roving at a Hobby Lobby while on vacation. It's apparently used for some sort of needle felt whatever. Being actual wool, it's obviously not the same stuff as Battlefront's Smoke and Flames, but it's pretty close. I balled up some red and orange roving and piled some black on top, stuck a flasher underneath it, and got a pretty cool little burning vehicle marker!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dinner has been eaten, wine drunk and now we're watching the Saints murderize the Cowboys. Here's a link to the only 25mm turkey I know of, by Mega Miniatures. Scenario suggestion: your World War I game starts with Sergeant York at a Tennessee Turkey shoot. How well he does there determines how much of bonus he gets in the main game!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Progress on my idea of flickering LED fire markers. I had originally purchased a number of LED tea lights. I had planned to rework them onto smaller battery holders, which seemed like time consuming work, but doable. However, Santa Clarita Wargamer has convinced me otherwise, and I just received 25 red/yellow blinking pins. I was afraid they would be too aggressive in their blinking, but I tossed one on a tank and covered it with white acrylic stuffing, and it looked pretty darn sweet.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Take It From a Professional

Face First into Legos
Face First into Legos
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You don't want to fall face first into anything. But if you have to fall face first into something, you don't want that something to be a Lego creation. Those precised edges can be painfully sharp with just a little force behind them! Number Two Son fell onto Number One Son's Lego boat. It was a pretty minor fall, so I wasn't to concerned at first, but the blood just kept coming! Not visible are a busted lower lip and a torn upper gum! At least he kept his teeth-- unlike Number One Son who knocked one out at about this age...

Monday, November 22, 2010

An Interesting Data Point About Stripping Miniatures

It's Alive! IT'S ALIVE!
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So, a long while back, I picked up some Wargames Foundry pirates and the Treasure Island characters. They were primed and painted pretty roughly, so I dropped them in a Mason jar full of Pine-Sol to strip the paint off. Not too much later, I decided to strip some Tau Pathfinders and Kryomek Talos units I had bouncing around, and dropped them in a Mason jar of Simple Green. Then I pretty much forgot about them. For, near as I can guess, two or three years.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flames of War Battle Report

Paratroopers Hold the Line
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Friday night we played a fairly large game of Flames of War. I put 2,500 points of US Parachute Company out vs. 2,500 point of German Grenadiers. I already detailed the paratrooper forces, bringing all of that thanks to a very few proxies for the rest of the Cavalry Recon platoon and an off-board M2A1 105mm battery. I'm not sure the breakdown of the Grenadier platoon, but it contained approximately eleventy billion Tiger tanks.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Game of Tusk

Intro game of Tusk
Intro Game of Tusk
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The Number One Son and I sat down this last weekend and finished up our Neanderthals! Ten Primaeval Designs Neanderthal warriors, two Wooly Mammoths and a too large Reaper wolf/dog to serve as a hunting dog. As we sat at the dining room table, with the figures painted, I looked at their white unfinished bases and the white table covering and thought, "Hey. Snow!" So we threw down with a quick solo game of Tusk, my son pushing a band of Neanderthal hunters while I managed the rules and ran the Mammoth (whose actions are determined by a reaction table).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Solo Theatre of War Campaign: the Aftermath

Map after first battle
Map After First Battle
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So, what exactly happens to these poor Deutschen Volk after losing this battle? We need to figure out the Battle Points for both the American and the German sides. This is done by a formula using the Army Morale Points (see discussion below) and the Victory Points won during this battle.

Victory Points are only scored for the Objectives held when the battle ended. Obviously, since the poor Germans had NO TROOPS LEFT when the battle ended, they get a big fat goose egg. The Americans, however, held a 10 point hill, a 7 point hill (both on the German right, by American companies that hardly moved from set up), and the hard won 26 point bocage. Left on the table were the 8 point rough hill in the German left flank area, the 8 point crossroads, and the 3 point hill the Shermans left to finish off the last PaK 40 battery.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Solo Theatre of War Campaign: The Battle of Le Petite Bocageville

The Battle Commences
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With the forces laid out on the table, I now went ahead and rolled randomly for unit quality. There's no reason I couldn't have done it before, although populating stats for fourteen American units and eighteen German units in up to ten different battlegroups is a bit much-- better to do it once they are needed. The paratroopers got a veteran bonus and rolled up very nicely, even discounting the temporary hindrance of being out of supply. The Germans had a mix a green, regular and experienced infantry, although in general, they rolled fairly poorly for quality.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Solo Theatre of War Campaign: Eve of First Battle

The Upcoming Battle
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So now we move from the campaign map to the tabletop. Since both battlegroups used the Attack action, the battle will be a standard Encounter fight, as opposed to something like a Flank Attack vs. Defend. A Retire action would have avoided the fight altogether.

Theatre of War includes rules for setting up the tabletop based on the campaign map and forces involved. The tabletop is divided equally into sixteen sections, in a four by four grid. Cards from the force sequence decks are drawn for the eight grid sections on each side's half of the table, which gets translated to terrain. Since this battle took place in a Heavy terrain square, with movement cost five, it risked some pretty dense terrain. It wound up with some open areas in the end, though. Here is the battlefiend I drew:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Solo Theatre of War Campaign

The Campaign Map
The Campaign Map
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I'm finally getting enough WW2 stuff painted to play with. Ideally, I'll play mostly with my favorite rules system, Piquet. I've been reading through the Theatre of War campaign book, and decided to sit down and play a solo campaign using my new troops.

Originally, I started browsing maps around Utah beach, trying to find something that showed enough geography to provide movement info yet not enough writing on it to make it difficult to use. I finally decided I was making it way too hard on myself and just made a random map. This is one row taller than the default map size suggested in ToW. Each map square has a large number in the middle indicating the movement cost to move into that square. Square with cost 6 have a random edge that is impassible. Each square has a smaller number which is the victory points for that square.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flames of War US Parachute Rifle Company

Flames of War US Airborne
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I'm taking stock of my completed US Parachute Rifle Company for a possible game of Flames of War next week. At the bottom, left to right, I have a Pathfinder marker, a Company HQ with three bazooka teams (95 pts), and three sniper teams (150 pts). In the middle are three Parachute Rifle Platoons with three rifle squads (Rifle/MG teams) each (365 pts each, for 1095 pts altogether). Behind them, I have a Parachute Machine-Gun Platoon with two sections and two bazooka teams (240 pts) and an M4 tank platoon (450 pts). In the rear is a Glider Anti-Tank Platoon with 57mm guns (85 pts). That's 2,115 points total, if my math is correct. I'm pretty close to having a Cavalry Recon Platoon completed-- just need three stands of 60mm mortars, which are on order.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bugs, Mr. Rico!

Bugs, Mr. Rico!

One hundred of 'em! As Nick Hawkins has noted, rubber cockroaches look surprisingly effective on the table, and are extremely cheap. I finally got around to ordering 100 of them off eBay, I really have no idea what I'll do with them, maybe 5150 with Nick's modifications. They just looked too cool not to have.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

5150 40k game

Coming out of playing an FNG game at Fall-In! and not having anything planned for gaming this week, I threw together a quick 5150 game using 40k figures last night. I found some QRSs online that looked reasonable, and had about 65 Tau infantry of various stripes up against 10 Space Marines. The Marines were all Rep 5. The Tau squad leaders were all Rep 5 and the troopers Rep 4. About halfway through the game, we decided that was too high given the odds I was going for, and dropped everybody on the Tau side by 1. Otherwise, I thought it played well. I thought the table looked pretty good, too. My trees are falling apart, though. I need to figure out what I'm going to do with them...

5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game 5150 40k game

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The kids are painting well

I've been painting a fair bit with the kids lately. Here is a bunch of long out-of-print Harlequin Nightlings we've been painting. Once they're done, it's hard for me to tell which ones I've painted and which they have. As I've mentioned, we've used what I call the Velas Technique: stain painting over white primer, followed by a dip. It's very forgiving to beginning painters, and the GW Devlin Mud wash makes a non-toxic, water clean up dip that even the kids can apply. We still have several Nightlings to paint, although right now my son and I are painting Primaeval Designs Woolly Mammoths and Neanderthals. He's very much into prehistory, which is largely why I purchased them, and has repeatedly begged to paint for free, but I force him to take wages! "Son, if somebody offers you money to do something you really want to do, you say YES!"

Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings Harlequin Nightlings