Thursday, September 5, 2002

Don Featherstone Heart Attack

Don Featherstone apparently suffered a serious heart attack recently. I've included the messages I received.

From: "pfc_augereau" <>
Date: Thu Sep 5, 2002 7:54 am
Subject: Don Featherstone
Yesterday I received a note from Don Featherstone telling me that he had suffered a serious heart attack several weeks back. He was in hospital for 10 days but is home now. I spoke with him on the phone this morning and he is physically feeling better but I think he is feeling pretty low emotionally. If you would like to do something nice for someone that has done so much for us and our hobby, please take a moment and send him a card or a note to let him know we are all thinking of him. He could use some cheering up right now.
His address is:
Don Featherstone
28 Glebe Court, Highfield Lane
Southampton, Hampshire
SO17 1RH
Jim Getz
PS - Sorry for any duplications you may find of this posting, but I would like to get the word out to as many of Don's friends as I can.

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From: Major Bill Harting
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 21:02:22 MDT
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Baxter and all: This may be more important than just our playing with our toys. See below:
I just received the following from our dear friend Don dated 29 August 2002. Let's all send him our "positive vibes" for strength and an early recovery!!
--- Jim Butters
Dear Jim,
I am very sorry to have to tell you that I am a casualty! About two weeks after returning from the States, I was rushed into hospital with a Major HeartAttack and only came out yesterday. I am very weak and a shadow of myself, very breathless and more or less tied to the house for the time being. I have got a blood clot in the heart still, and lungs filled with fluid - which makes things a bit difficult.
Of course, this changes my whole life and will put a brake on most of the things I have been doing all my life - I certainly won't ever get to see you all at Historicons again!
Despite her own physical problems, my wife Joy has been wonderful and courageously fought her way to see me in the hospital every day. I am very proud of her and love her very much.
I am sending this to my best friends in America, if you can pass the word around anyone to whom I haven't written, I would appreciate it.
Still, I have had a good run, haven't I; and maybe it will not be as bad in the future as it seems now.
Yours sincerely,
Don F.
Notice of Complete Ignorance - The information contained in this e-mail may be totally ludicrous and without basis in fact. Unauthorised abuse, disrespect, or reprehension of this message is prohibited.
Maj Bill Harting USAF (Ret)
President, HMGS MidSouth

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