Friday, May 23, 2003

Gripping Beast/MoFo 28mm Moderns?

Gripping Beast is somehow related to a new line of MoFo 28mm Moderns. Here's what Frank Hammond had to say about seeing one in the flesh:

"have also placed an order from Gripping Beast for one of everything in a new range of 28mm Moderns, which are better than anything I have
ever seen. They are not on general release yet and I only saw one painted sample at a convention last week (Triples Sheffield) on their stand, but it was enough to make want them ! :-)) Lol !
These figs make Devil Dog figs look like **** ! Honest ! :-)"

The WargamesJournal info is mirrored here:
New Modern figure seen at GB stand
We’re not sure if anyone else spotted the rather nice 28mm scale modern figure that was lurking around on top of the Gripping Beast stand at Triples in Sheffield. We believe that one of the sculptors at GB was responsible for the figure and that a complete range of modern figures will be coming out soon under a non-GB name.
Well we got some more details. This is what GB had to say:
“MoFo Ultra Moderns - Gripping Beast is proud to present preview packs from MoFo, a new company specialising in Ultra Moderns - come to our stand on the Ground Floor at Salute and see why we're so excited to be distributing them..!!!"

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