Sunday, June 1, 2003

Superhero Skyscrapers

My latest creation! Skyscraper roofs for my superheros to battle over.

The building is pretty standard foamcore construction on the rooftop. It measures about 20" by 30". I had heard that Fleckstone destroyed foamcore, so I tested a piece out before doing the whole thing, and it worked out fine. One note of caution, though, is that the Fleckstone does not appear to include actual paint, only the texture. I had some pencil markings for the windows I expected the Fleckstone to cover that it really didn't. In the future, I'll probably give it a once over with white before the Fleckstone.
Also note the keen Superhero flying stands. They're pretty straightforward, click on the image for more info.
Next up after finishing this rooftop: to build a second (probably two-story) skyscraper roof for the heroes to battle across!
Update: Duct Tape as masks on the foamcore was a bad idea, it's way too sticky and tears the foamcore when I pull it off. I knew it probably was a bad idea when I did it, but it was what I had at hand. Since they'll be painted black, I don't think it will be a big deal, but will get some real masking tape before starting the next one.

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