Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Stereographic Photography of Miniatures

Okay, so while fooling around with my new light tent, I decided to try something I always thought was cool-- stereographic, or stereoscopic, photography. I've never seen miniatures done like this, but see no reason not to. The results were pretty good! Read on...

It's like those "Magic Eye" pictures. You want to relax your eyes and look *past* the photograph. The two images will begin to blurrily move towards each other. As they superimpose over each other, they will suddenly snap into focus in 3D.
I didn't really take any special steps to make these. I would just take a picture, move the camera over about the width between my eyes, and take the second. In fact, the Masai shields weren't even intentional. I took multiple pictures from slightly different angles to make sure I got one good one. After looking at them, I threw two together to see how they looked.
Let me know your thoughts on these...I'm still experimenting, and trying to figure out what works well and what doesn't.

This page has some good links on stereographic photography.

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  1. The pictures did not work in 3-d for me. I suspect it is because the separation between the same part of the image on each picture is wider than the inter-pupillary distance of my rodent-like close-set eyes :O)
    I printed the page out, chopped up the photos and found that they work for me when the images are about 50mm apart. (I once spent 2 weeks at Hermitage learning how to use stereoscopic air-photo mapping equipment, and have at last found a use for it :o))Hope this information is helpful.
    Kind regards,
    p.s. The photos are really nice.