Saturday, September 24, 2005

Napoleonic Milestone!

Finally. Twelve bags of Battle Honors figures, two years and 366 painted figures later, I've reached a milestone...

...12 painted Piquet units!

Okay, okay, they're not all textured and flocked yet, sheesh, what do you want. And, yeah, only one unit of cavalry each...kind of lame. I've got Uhlans primed and ready to go, though, and then French Cuirassiers. Then I should be able to run a decent enough game. I've got Landwehr and French Light Infantry bags to go after some casualty stands...then I'll get some Jaegers...some more cavalry units...then onto the Bavarians and W├╝rttembergers, I never ends, does it?
They look kind of unimpressive there, don't they. Maybe I need to put them in smaller boxes. ;-)

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