Thursday, June 22, 2006

What I Have Been Doing

So, with me in locked-down no-mess mode, I've been reading and playing a solo VBAM campaign...

  1. I read Die Hard: Dramatic Actions from the Napoleonic Wars. For some reason, I had in my mind that this was more story-driven, but it was your typical historical narrative, which made it seem somewhat less dramatic to me. Still, it details several actions, such as Hougomont and the crossing the Beresina. I think it's an okay book for somebody with only general knowledge of the period.
  2. I read Miles, Mystery and Mayhem, and really enjoyed it. I'd heard a lot about the Vorkosigan saga, but it seemed very Sci-Fi fannish, and not very appealing to me. Plus, I haven't been very crazy over the Sci-Fi I've read from Baen. However, after reading the free story the Mountains of Mourning on Baen's site, I was hooked. I wasn't sure which book to read, but MM&M seemed like a very good introduction.
  3. Victory By Any Means is a very cool system. You basically manage an interstellar empire, building fleets, colonizing planets, negotiating treaties and making war. I've played over a year of a solo exploration campaign and am about to start a couple of PBEM games. It's fundamentally a simple system, but there are a lot of optional rules that you can pick and choose from and drop in as you like.
  4. I should start moving into the new house a week from tomorrow. I think Monday the 3rd should be our first night there.
  5. I've also been watching the World Cup!! As frustrating as it has been for a USA least all the games are televised this year. It's been wonderful! And I have a TV at my desk at work...lots of soccer in the last two weeks...

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