Monday, July 24, 2006

Chain Reaction

On Saturday, I also played in a intro Chain Reaction game. I've got the rules and could tell that there was some value in them, but frankly they are so poorly written that learning from the book is too much trouble to deal with. Bob, the guy running this event, seemed to have pretty much the same idea, and was running two simultaneous teaching games. I totally forgot to take pictures of the game, but I ran a squad of inter-war US Marines against some Central American militia. I guess I got so into learning the rules, and really having a blast playing them, that I didn't even think to snap pictures. I did take one of his groovy dice tower. Anybody have one of these for sale?

Where's my product placement money?!?


  1. I played the demo Saturday morning as well. I liked the game enough to pick up the NUTS! version to see if it can handle satisfactoraly the kinda games I wanna run. And yes, better editing is a must guys. :)

  2. I wanted to pick up FNG, but I had already spent so much money...