Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Finished some SWAT figures

I'm going to start keeping track of what I've finished this year. Technically, I just finished 15 Cobalt Palansi (from the bargain bin at Historicon and no longer carried by Old Glory), but that's kind of cheating since I actually painted them last year. All I did this year was base them, then drop them in the yard when I was trying to varnish them. Those are thin figures, and several bent quite badly and broke the paint around their ankles. Yea! Anyway, I did finish painting ten SWAT figures last night-- five West Wind (from the bargain bin at Historicon) and five Foundry Street Violence (cheap off eBay). I still need to finish the bases, then paint sixteen more. They look good, I'll see if I can't post some pictures of them. I also have some small terrain pieces to be painted.

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