Thursday, April 26, 2007

Celebrity Mash-Up

So, I'm lying in bed sick, and I realize my head feels like Rosie O'Donald Trump is locked inside it with a bad toupee buffet just on the other side. But it could be worse...

Boy George W. Bush: When he invades your country and puts your people back to work, bombings go down. Suicides, however, are way, way up.
Henry Kissengeri Halliwell: Do you kill yourself on principle? Or squeeze a breast and try to blow your brains out before the full horror of what you've done sinks in?
George Michael Pataki: Goodbye, NY Governor. Hello, NYPD, plunger division.
Barbara Walter Kronkite: Boy. There's just no upside to that one.
Rick James Bond: I'm Bond. Rick James Bond, bitch!
Marion Barry Bonds:"Bitch, set my drugs on the table."
Halle Barry White: "Oooooh, nooo." Five cans of whipped cream can be fun-- once. Every time, and you have a problem. Likes to decimate buffets and leave without paying.
Prince William Shatner: "I'm...going to...BE...king...someday."
Lenny Bruce Willis: "Yippee-Ki-Yay, ****sucker!"
Larry David Hasselhoff: Very depressed that Bush stole K.I.T.T.
Nicole Ritchie Valens: "Va-va-va-vaaaaa-va-valium! Va-va-va-vaaaaa-va-valium, percoset, whiskey! Concentration camp figure!"
Add comments if you have an idea. I'm going back to bed.

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