Friday, July 6, 2007

Gloire and Under the Black Flag

I just bought Gloire and its pirate supplement, Under the Black Flag. I saw Gloire in action at last year's Historicon. It was a very small game (it looked like two figures vs. two figures), but everybody always seemed to be having fun. By the time I decided I'd try to get into a game, it was too late. I've been sitting on the Wargames Foundry Treasure Island characters for a while (the full set, including Squire Trelawney, who was dropped when Foundry reshuffled all their packs to sneak in another price increase) and about twenty pirates, so when I saw the Under the Black Flag rules were released, I decided to go ahead and grab them. I've also had my eye on Old Glory's the Black Cutlass, which would make a pretty cool addition and isn't badly priced as an OGA member. Plus, all those cool OGA pirate figs trickling in over the last year. I do believe I have officially kick-started a new project...

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