Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More SG2 Painted

Finished the rest of my 15mm GZG SG2 infantry for my August project.

That's 56 15mm figures (counting crew served weapons as a half figure) completely finished since Historicon, or in about three weeks. I figure my average time painting each was about 10-12 minutes, including the bases. I'm using the "Velas Technique" described in my Historicon AAR. I'll go more detail into exactly what I'm doing in a later article. I've gotten a lot done, but it's been a bit of a pain-- a month isn't as long as it seems once you start including family and work. Still, I have made myself stick to it and I'm going to get it done. In the meantime, I will now have to start on the buildings for the game.

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