Saturday, September 8, 2007


Yes, the time when the craft stores carry Halloween and Christmas village things to use for terrain!Hobbytown USA, where I get my terrain supplies, closes at 9:00 PM. At 9:05, the sprayer on my Woodland Scenics scenic cement breaks on my second hill, shutting me down for the night!

Doesn't look too badly, does it? It's pretty simple, too. I bought a bottle of olive greenish craft paint and a cheap "chip" brush. I poured the paint on the hill, painted it with the brush, and then covered the wet paint with Woodland Scenics green blend blended turf. Let it dry, dump the excess off, and pour that back in the bottle. Then, as long as you have a functioning sprayer, mist it with scenic cement. This is basically a 50/50 or so mix of elmer's glue and water, but the Woodland Scenics brand works better, enough so that I just buy it rather than making it.

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