Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blood Bowl Three Way Throwdown!

Nope, here it is, just about the closest 3x board you could do in hexes, I bet. 15 squares wide, and 13 squares to score a TD from the LOS.

One slight anomaly is that you can line up in the center front square, and an opponent can still get three guys to your right on the LOS, not in you TZ, and not in the wide zone.

Kick offs are done by rolling dice. High roll chooses to receive or kick. If he chooses to kick, 2nd highest makes the choice, then the third. The kicker with the highest roll sets up first, and will kick the ball to the receiver. The kicker with the lowest roll then sets up, but is not considered to be the kicking or receiving team (although any KO results which affects both the kicker and receiver affects him similarly-- Throw A Rock affects the lowest roll). Finally, the receiver sets up last and takes the first turn as normal.
A block is only between players on the teams of the blocker and the target; and TZs from the third team are ignored. Fouls are similar. All TZs count for dodging. Any team member can intercept.
I still think it might be a good idea to narrow the center of the fields to 5 squares wide, and play 9 players per team.


  1. Looks good Andy,
    One thing that might work well with the TriBowl is the card based activation rules on the Specialist Games site (or another similar system). That would get around the effect of players having to sit for too long before they can do anything.
    Actually, I'd love to try out those card-based activation rules with regular Blood Bowl sometime. I guess I'm going to have to win an EBay Auction for another team so I can try out ideas at home...

  2. I wouldn't mind trying out card activation, I generally like such systems, but I don't see having the players sitting around as a problem, but part of the appeal of Blood Bowl. You have one chance to plan out your turn the best you can. Do something stupid and blow it, and you're going to give up a TD.

  3. Hi Andy,
    Have a Merry, Scary Cthulhu X-mas!
    Link to the full video here:
    Merry X-mas, Andy!
    May you and your family be blessed!

  4. I'm officially concerned...two months dude? Geez, that's a long time without an update, chief!