Saturday, April 19, 2008

Third World Y Chromosome Mutants

I picked up the recently released Mutants and Death Ray Guns from Ganesha Games. It's a real beer and pretzels Gamma World-style post-apocalypse game. Plus, it includes rules for something I have absolutely no figures for-- mutant plants. So, I had to whip some up.

They're almost trivial to make. I used the "twisted wire" method you often see suggested for making trees (you can find a description here, although that's way over the top). I used the rule of thumb from the Osprey Terrain Modelling book that you should cut 9 wires at 2.5x the length you want the tree to be. Fold the wires in half and twist them. The "eye" where you bent them becomes the roots (after you cut the eye open) and the other end becomes the branches. After posing, I covered the armature with floral tape, and coated that with Elmer's/PVA glue to set it. When I epoxied the tree to a metal washer, I also used epoxy to cover up any big holes I had missed. I then sculpted a face onto the tree using green stuff.
After painting, I used Woodland Scenics Hob-E-Tac to adhere WS foliage of various types (I found that clump foliage, my favorite, once again looked best-- the brown trunk with green foliage). After drying a day, I sealed them extremely well to try and keep the foliage on.

I have made figures matching some plants I rolled up...a Big plant that causes Terror, two Humanoid plants, and one plant that fronts an '80s big hair tribute band.


  1. These look great! I also rolled up a couple of plants for my warband, and I had no idea what I'd do about getting a fig for the 'huge' one.
    So when's our first game?

  2. I haven't touched dice in like three months. I'm ready. Probably next weeks, things are going well with the baby and the wife. It's still pretty exhausting, but I think I can build a pretty good case for one evening!

  3. Andy,
    Maybe sometime you'll have some time to put on a game for us using these rules. I was looking at the fantasy version (Songs of Blades and Heroes) as something to do with the collection of fantasy minis I have laying about waiting for me to find some rules that I like.

  4. I bought PDFs of Song of Blade and Heroes and the dungeon supplement at the same time. I'll have to print them out and let you look at them.
    I don't think I'm realistically going to be running anything for a couple of months. I'm just SO TIRED right now. ;-) I haven't even been able to get away to play!