Sunday, December 13, 2009

This, this is Easy Company!

"This is not Dog Company. This is not Fox Company. This, this is Easy Company!" --Captain Sobel from episode one of Band of Brothers

Finally got my Flames of War US Airborne done! This is a full company box set plus an MG platoon. I went back and rebased the mortars properly and I think I have things mostly sorted out. I do need to put some identifying markings on the new platoons. Plus, I didn't paint the supply carts (which I guess are just objective markers). I didn't catch that they had matching infantry to haul them, so two of the six haulers got painted up in the regular stands (I thought they were giving tactical hand signals or something!) Maybe someday I'll pop them off and do it right. Maybe...

Now, I'm about to start on some FoW Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers. I also got in the first bits of France 1940 figures. These are Old Glory and I really like them, they're comparable quality to the Battlefront ones, so I went ahead and ordered a larger batch. I'm planning on sending these off to Sri Lanka to be painted, and I've got the German riflemen samples done. I also got a few tanks, but I'll probably be painting those all up myself.


  1. Kudos on a project well done! A shame I won't get to these their debut game this week...

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