Friday, April 23, 2010

Old Glory CD-363 Panzer III E

Hoody hoo! I'm back on the paint wagon after having to take some time of for family issues. Here you see my six new Panzer III Ausf. Es. The hatches on these were a complete bitch-- not too hard to glue open with the commander in the hatch, but basically impossible to model closed. The rear is sculpted round and irregularly, making it exceedingly difficult to fit into the hatch and glue flat. "Screw it," I said, and just left the hatches off. Also, I have photographed one of these bad boys with their puny cousin, the Panzer I Ausf. A.

Old Glory CD-363 Panzer III E Old Glory CD-363 Panzer III E Old Glory CD-363 Panzer III E Old Glory CD-363 Panzer III E Old Glory CD-363 Panzer III E, CD-319 Panzer IA


  1. pretty.

    IIRC, what I did with my Old Glory Pz III hatches was glue a thin piece of card or styrene into the top of the cupola as a spacer. That allowed me to glue the hatch pieces onto the top and have them sit in approximately the right place without driving myself batty.

  2. I thought about doing something similar, but honestly just couldn't be bothered with it. I've got more stuff to paint. If I decide it bothers me down the road, I can always come back to it.

  3. That is a fact.

    I'm going to try and get some more Frenchies off my table to be ready when the next wave arrives. I'm concentrating on units for the FOB:WWII game.

    My own Panzers are done (except for that command Pz I) and I've got a unit of light armored cars done as well.