Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Pete Panzeri's Black Hawk Down Article

I couldn't find it searching on the net, but eventually tracked down Pete Panzeri's "Gamers International Newsletter" with great BHD info here. (It's in MS Word format, and you may need to subscribe to the list, but it's worth it) If it goes away for any reason, I mirrored a local copy. The file doesn't detail chalk make-up, so read on for more:

I have each chalk as a Ranger squad with an attached MG team, so that is:
Squad/Chalk commander with M16A2
Two Ranger fireteams with M249 SAW, M16A2/203 grenadier, and two M16A2
Attached MG team with M60 MG and one M16A2
Attached medic with M16A2

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