Friday, April 7, 2006

15mm Sci-Fi Conversions

I've been finishing up some 15mm Sci-Fi guys, mostly 15mm GZG Free Cal-Tex guys, and wanted to convert some specialists not offered. I think they turned out pretty well.

Every pack includes this sniper figure, which seems weird to me, but the rifle barrel trims up nicely into the regular trooper rifle. I've done this to all the others, but I did need one sniper, so I give his rifle a funky scope and a head swap.

I need a figure for Electronic Warfare, so I converted up a regular trooper.

The SAW gunners weren't very obvious, so I added a bent wire bipod. GZG only supplies one per pack, and I want two (I don't see any trend towards getting rid of SAWs!), so I converted some regular troopers into SAW gunners.

I cut the commander's arm off this guy and sculpted a new one carrying a bag for a medical officer. I realized after taking the picture that I didn't get around to sculpting the shoulder pad back on yet.

My first conversion, FCT as a Zulu/PAU.


  1. Great pics and very cool converstions. I really like the comms chap.