Sunday, April 2, 2006

SG2 Game Report

A buddy and I ran a decent game of Stargrunt 2 the other night. I was pretty proud of how nicely the table looked. It wasn't high-end, but it was quite a step up from the usual for me. So nice in fact I didn't even mind getting crushed.

We've been building 15mm forces and gearing up for a small campaign. This was another familiarization session for me, and his second game. The first game was a straight-up infantry fight, and this was an attempt to bring some more unsual stuff like artillery, vehicles and aerospace support.
I set myself up as a rear guard defender trying to hold this road junction. I had a four squad platoon, 3x3" company mortars, 4x6" brigade artillery battery with dedicated FO, a two man GMS/L team, an anti-aircraft platoon of two RFAC/2s with a command squad, and a couple of booby-traps.
My opponent came at me with a small company of seven squads, two squads of power armor, two low-mobility wheeled class 2 AFVs with HKP/2s, 3x3" company mortar battery and two fighter/bombers with 2x GMS/L and 5x4" deadfall bombs.
These pictures are fairly early in the game. My two-man GMS/L team was lined up aiming right down the oncoming road, and thus took out one of the AFVs pretty quickly. I underestimated the usefulness of the civilian building on defense and quickly had two of them brought down about my ears.

The second AFV is taking cover from my GMS/L team on one side and my RFAC/2 on the other, on the hill. I had one on each flank, and while they looked good (Peter Pig ZSU-1s from my Modern Africa), they didn't accomplish a whole lot.

My artillery started coming in, with a very good effect. It turns out we were doing casualties wrong, dividing by the defender's result rather than by the die size. I knew it felt really wrong when a few squads rolled ones, but it didn't dawn on me until later what we had been doing wrong.

His Power Armor tries to assault my left in the open, and just got mauled between my RFAC/2 and my squad on that side. I think he was a little intimidated by the hidden markers in the woods, mostly dummies it turned out.

I started off doing these Free-Cal Tex figures as Pan-African Union. I cut this leader's head off, using it as his helmet attached to his waist, and added an Essex married Zulu head with a shield on his back.

The noose is closing. I chewed up another of his squads on the right, but I just couldn't generate enough firepower from the two squads who had fire angles.

His Power Armor, stalled out.

His fighter-bombers got on board without too much trouble. My RFACs couldn't do anything about it, and on turn five one made a bombing run right over my platoon commander's squad. It rolled a one, which, incorrectly, as I noted, caused something like 20 hits in the squad. I had one guy still standing, though! It was dramatic, and late at that point, so we called the game in his favor.

As an aside, a cool thing I did terrain-wise was to rip the trees off those textured bases, reflock the bare spots, and based the trees on 1.25" fender washers. I can now move the trees around when infantry enter the woods, plus I can stack the bases now, shaving my storage space by like a factor of five.

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