Monday, September 25, 2006

The Rare Feeling of a Job Well Done

So, after dinking around with sculpting and casting for many years, I have finally cast something well and have it in use! It is a...

...base weight!!! TAAADAAAH!!!!
My recent post about the clever idea Impact Miniatures had got me thinking. I'm painting some Cobalt Palansi now, and they are rather spindly, and the extended ones are prone to tipping over. What I needed was a base weight, and that's right about the skill level I have to sculpt and cast!! I packed the bottom of a base with Apoxie Sculpt, let cure, savaged it out with an X-Acto, poured a mold with OOMOO 30, and just cast up about 8 of them tonight. They work great!!! Perry brothers, here I come! ;-)
Seriously, I am somewhat pleased with myself right now, while still being aware of how humble the accomplishment is...

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