Thursday, December 28, 2006

Necromunda Game Report

As I mentioned, Mik and I played Necromunda last night. It was a fun game, as always. I managed to pull out two wins last night-- I barely scraped by in a Gang Fight, and then dominated a Shootout, despite losing my nerve.

It was my Hive Lords, a 1951 point Orlock gang, taking on Mik's Soul Crows, a 2355 point Ratskin gang.
Our first fight was a straight up Gang Fight. My main force of close combat guys and short range "combat" shooters tried to move en masse up the right flank of the table, covered by my leader, Gunk, and my backup sniper, Blondie. I threw one semi-chump out to the far left to try and tie some guys up there, but he went down quickly. Outnumbered as I was, I was soon enveloped and started taking some pretty bad casualties, and Mik had only one guy down.

It was indeed looking grim. I was down to three guys-- Hardcore, my chief CC guy, a new 50 point scrub Gunfighter down to one autogun, and Blondie, my backup sniper. However, I did manage to get the Ratskins taking bottle tests, and their Leader was out. That meant they were testing against a 7 and me a 9, so even though I was looking at some, uh, serious Serious Injury rolls, I held out. Plus, I was anxious to get Hardcore in a fight.
It wasn't long before the scrub Gunfighter was down, and soon out. Hardcore got jumped by three Ratskins while Blondie kept Odin, the big Ratskin, pinned. It took two turns and one of his three wounds, but Hardcore stomped the Ratskins with his Power Sword and Chain Sword. Then came Odin, the ST 4 bionic arm massive sword wielding Ratskin, braving Hardcore's Horrible Scars, and-- HE WENT DOWN! The Ratskins soon involuntarily bottled out, leaving me in control of the table with just two guys.

The after party went well. I had one of my mid-tier Gunfighters lose the rest of the fingers on one hand, but with a Medic, I rerolled a full recovery. My Ratskin scout Runs Like A Girl died, coincidentally enough the same day I had finished painting my new Ratskin scout, Rabid Millosaur.
We ran a Gunfight next, and time was short. I didn't pull any of my high end guys, but it worked out. We lost our nerve by one point, but my Gunfighter with the saved hand slapped leather and pinned two of the four opposing Ratskins, and my next guy took another one down. My Frenzied head wound guy, Rico, charged in, and it was soon just coup de grĂ¢ces on Down Ratskins. Ugly.
Again, the after party went really well. I actually had ganger to work territories and get money, and two to send to the Trading Post. I wound up buying an Infra-Red Scope and TWO, count them, TWO more Power Swords, for a gang total of three!! They are currently sitting in my STASH! until I can figure out how I want to use them.

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