Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I started a team, the Nauseous Norsemen. It's pretty cool, and uses version 4 of the Living Rulebook.


  1. I played Blood Bowl a couple of times way back when... fun game.
    Maybe once I read the rules again and read the user guides to the FUMMBL site, I'll put a team together as well.
    I'd also be interested in assembling miniatures for a blood bowl team if you guys are thinking of putting some sort of league together...

  2. There's definitely a league in the works, we've already played the first game! ABout the FUMBBL thing, it looks cool, I've signed up, and made a team, but every time I go to launch the app it says it can't find my "directory", wth?

  3. I have also made a team, but haven't yet tried to load the Java app yet.
    I love the Egyptian themed players from Impact, so was thinking of trying to put together a Khemri team, using a few of those models for the better players and some plastic GW Tomb King skeltons for the regular grunts. Unfortuneately, with the exchange rate for the pound, I thin each of the Impact minis will cost something like $6. Maybe time to look for some cheaper American models and do some converting

  4. If you register and set your currency as USD, you get their prices in USD, which is cheaper than a straight conversion.