Monday, May 19, 2008

Cool gameroom pictures

I always love to see pictures of people's gamerooms and imagine how I could do mine. I kind of think his "GM" space could be a little more pretentious...maybe he should raise it up on a 6" dais. ;-)


  1. Not a bad spread for being kinda small, and yeah, the DM's area is a bit much. A gavel would really pull the room together. I also want to know what the hell those trophies are for! I'd liek to give my game room a makeover, but what? when? how?

  2. Howdy Folks!
    Your comments on my old game room made me smile, I can see how the GM table might seem a bit ... um ... overpowering, but really I just went with the "T" layout so I could have more room.
    Perhaps the candlesticks were a bit much. :)
    At any rate, my new gaming nook is much more humble - and I *really* miss having tables and chairs to sit at (still, comfy can be nice):
    Ah well, maybe someday I'll have more room to work with, and I can get that dais going! Thanks for the chuckle.
    (Oh by the way - the trophy and wall hangings were from a DragonCon RPG tournament many moons ago, I wouldn't stick like a dart or bowling trophy in there :P).