Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Friggin' Star Wars

My kids have been on a big Star Wars kick lately, and I've bought them some of the Collectible Miniatures. You may recall that I bought a bunch of these a while back. There is now a fixed Obi-Wan in a starter, so I picked that up, too. Well, my son got a Reek in his pack and was about to wet himself wanting to play with it, so I sat down and rumbled with my 7 year old son.

We ran through the starter's introductory game, with Obi-Wan and two rebels vs. Darth Vader and two stormtroopers. I played the rebels, and got beat.
So, for game two, we built our own 100 point forces. My son took the Reek, a Vornskr and a Dark Trooper Phase III. I took Obi-Wan, a Rebel Captain, a Rebel Heavy Gunner, and Elite Rebel Soldier, and Wookie Soldier and a Twi'lek Bodyguard.
I felt bad for the poor kid as I didn't take it easy on him. I set my Captain and my heavy gunner up at the end of a long hallway to take twin fire from both on the Reek as he turned the corner into to melee with Obi-Wan. The Reek was tough, though, killing the Wookie and with 200 HP, soaked up a lot of damage until the Dark Trooper could emerge halfway through the hallway the heavy gunner was shooting down. Again, my tactically poor son killed his own Reek by using missles against Obi-Wan-- which did damage to Obi-Wan and killed the Elite Rebel Trooper. Hmmm...maybe those tactics weren't so poor... The Dark Trooper then killed the Captain, depriving the Heavy Gunner of his Twin Attack. The Heavy Gunner managed a Critical hit, but couldn't stop the Dark Trooper before going down himself.
That left Obi-Wan and the Twi'lek! Hang on, I could still pull this out. They double-teamed the Vornskr as the Dark Trooper Crited Obi-Wan! The Twi'lek bodyguard valiantly through herself in front of Obi-Wan, saving him, and he had both the Vornskr and the Dark Trooper on the edge before going down himself to the Vornskr. Junior wins again!
I didn't think the CMG rules were that bad, really. I had fun playing. There was probably a bit more reading and math than my son could do and really have fun, but I helped him along and he enjoyed whipping his old man two games in a row.

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