Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cold War Commander

Today being Yom Kippur, it is somewhat appropriate that I have broken out the Cold War Commander rules and my old Yom Kippur War micro armor and given it a go. I really like the rules so far. They are fairly simple, which is a plus for me any more, and seem to give a fun, relatively quick and reasonable game.

This is about 1,300 points of Syrians advancing into the Golan from the right hand side, and about 1,000 points of Israeli defending on the left. Most of the action has taken place on the Israeli right, with an Israeli infantry company bitterly contesting the largest hill against four squads of Syrian regulars, and a Sho't company facing off against four T-55s. On the right, the Syrian CO is about to lead two T-55s and his ZSU-23-4-- now silent since downing the Israeli A-4s-- against the infantry company holding the Israeli left.

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