Tuesday, October 28, 2008


sixtwentyeight has some very nice pictures of his modern Israelis for CWC, as well as other really beautiful 6mm figures.


  1. Andy,
    When are you going to run a CWC game for us?
    I have some fast movers (jets) and air defense units (SA-2, SA-3, etc) painted in Egyptian and Libyan colors. I also have a couple F-4 Phantoms I was planning to paint in Israeli markings. We were playing Phantoms (a derivative of the old Avalon Hill Mustangs game) with these, but after having played CY6!, I really think those rules will just seem slow and clunky. Scott and the crew at are working on a jet version of Check Your Six! but it will be a while before it is finished.

  2. I'll put something together and run it soon. Maybe for some night when there aren't so many of us-- I don't think I could field enough units for 6+ of us.