Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flying Lead

Hopefully Mik will post some pictures soon, but we played a couple of games of Ganesha Games' Flying Lead last night. We used my 20mm OIF figures, with just over twenty Arab fighters trying to trap nine American soldiers. I thought the game played well. Fire was deadly, so you tried to stay in cover and use your leaders to improve your soldiers and concentrate your fire against opportunity targets. In the first game we were still getting used to the rules, and the higher quality Americans mopped up the Arabs. This was probably not unexpected as our familiarity with the rules was very low and the American quality was over important. In the second game, the Arabs stayed in cover and used their leaders more effectively, and it was a close game before it was called on account of bedtime. We played some Song of Blades and Heroes a while back and enjoyed it, too. Both games are fairly simple and quick playing. I imagine we'll be seeing more of both. In fact, Chrispy mentioned wanting to play Song of Drums and Shakos, and I mentioned I happened to have some 40mm Sharpe in Spain figures sitting in a box from last Historicon...

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