Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zombie Cinema Martians Variant Board

Mik and I were considering doing a Zombie Center variant game for a War of the Worlds-style martian invasion. Here is my first pass at a Zombie Center track for it....(more)

The track starts at the bottom and works up (like the ZC board is laid out):

ESCAPE (if 2/3rds of the characters Escape, Escaped characters return for one additional round to role-play the defeat of the Martians)

Free humans are rare. Martian terraforming advanced, and human food and water are extremely scarce.

Majority of humanity abducted. Remaining survivors turn on each other and try to collaborate with the Martians.

Martian terraforming of Earth begins. Human food supplies start to run scarce.

Human governments have collapsed under relentless assault. Significant portions of humanity abducted.

Martians unleash some heretofore unseen terrible technology.

Martians and their war machines freely roam the cities.

Characters can no longer rationally deny the Martian menace as they become an occasional direct threat.

Martians have landed, but distantly and with minimal effect on characters.

Martians appear only indirectly; rumors, delusions and rogue astronomers, for example.

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