Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And do your tunic up!


"A spot of medicinal brandy would set me up, sir!"
"Brandy's for heroes, Mister Hook..."

Zulu is just my favorite movie ever. I used to have a six foot tall original movie poster, but lost it in a move! A few years back, I even subscribed to Wargames Illustrated just to get the Mark Copplestone Hollywood and historical figures of Gonville Bromhead. So it definitely warms my heart to see this figure pack of Chard, Bromhead, Colour Sergeant Bourne and Private Hook from Empress Miniatures. Apparently, these new figures will be available in about a month, although my order is already in. I still retain no illusions about doing Rorke's Drift in 25mm, though. That's too many Zulus to paint!

"Sixty! I painted at least sixty, wouldn't you say?"
"That leaves three thousand, nine hundred and forty..."

A crossed eye stereographic picture of Bromhead leading British soldiers!

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  1. Of course, you don't have to paint ALL of the Zulus. Most Rorke's Drift games I've seen simply recycle the Zulus in seemingly endless waves.

    For one Rorke's Drift game I saw one time the referee had painted up hundreds of wooden markers as either Zulu shields or red crosses to indicate casualties. By the end of the game, the ditch in front of the British positions was 4-5 layers deep in shields...