Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fall Gelb!

I got a couple of Panzer IIs done for France 1940. The Panzer II was the most numerous German tanks in 1940 by twice as much as any other, yet with a 20mm gun and 14.5mm armor was considered unsuitable for tank on tank combat at the time. That's kind of what intrigues me about the period-- if we play company scale Flames of War, the French should dominate. Yet at division scale Field of Battle, the German's superior tactics and command and control should come to the fore, as they did historically. I wonder if I should include some radio aerials on these? The better, more numerous and more integrated German radios played a big part in their victory. I'm really looking forward to getting a game going! These three Pz IIs are Old Glory Command Decision Pz II d-e's. I'm not sure why I bought that model, it would seem the b-c model would have been correct. Anyway, I have another pack of b-c's coming, I should be 50% correct when I field them!

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  1. Why are the french selling Panzer tanks? Although, for comparison, I was in a small used book store in Atlanta and I found a copy of the life and times of Gen. Sherman.