Sunday, September 12, 2010

Together, They Chase Time!

A little diversion away from painting 15mm WW2 figures all the time. This is Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope 50178: Andre Durand, Time Chaser. Since I had already done up the other Time Chaser, 50001: Sascha Dubois, I thought it would be nice to have him, too. He's a nice looking figure-- could go Pulp or Steampunk with him easily enough, or even a 40k dude with a power fist. I, of course, actually have no use for him in any of those roles right now, but wouldn't let that stop me from buying him! He's part of a team-- He's a notorious womanizer with a steam powered bronze fist. She's vivacious mutant opera singer from a secret island of lost women. They chase time!

Andre Durand, Time Chaser Andre Durand, Time Chaser Reaper Time Chasers

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