Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gaming Tip

Originally uploaded by The Gonk
I stumbled across a nifty little gaming tip the other day. When we play the great air combat game Check Your 6!, the guys running the game usually hand out clipboards to the guys running the planes, who clip their planes' roster on it and plot their actions each turn. Most of us will usually clip the quick reference sheet underneath for easy access. Well, the other day I received a clipboard with a clear plastic back. It wasn't intended, but I realized I could put the most useful side of the QRS facing backwards and just flip my clipboard over to take a look at it! Simple, and useful.


  1. Awesome idea! I have a set of old school clipboards, and 4 laminated QRS for CY6. Works really well!

  2. Oh I like that ! Neat what you can discover when you stumble on it like that. I may have to get a clear one for that neat tip !