Saturday, February 26, 2011

5th 29th ID section done!

29th Infantry Division
29th Infantry Division
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Fifth section of 29th Infantry Division completed! I actually had these guys mostly completed last weekend, and was pretty stoked to be well ahead of my slow "two weeks per section" norm lately. I had visions of having the sixth finished this weekend and was ready for it! Then, life happens as it tends to. School functions, neighbor functions, etc... Plus, mid-week I came home for lunch, and just browsed by my painting table to gaze upon them momentarily, and I found the whole table standing in water!! Somebody had dumped my paint cup over on my painting table!!!!!!

No damage, fortunately. I have two primary suspects. The dog isn't talking, and two year old Number Two Son is talking too much. "Are you Number Two Son?" "Yeeeeah." "Did you spill Daddy's paint cup?" "Yeeeeeah." "Did you hide Jimmy Hoffa in the toy box?" "Yeeeeeah." It didn't have the appearance of having sat that long, and Number Two Son was in preschool, and the dog gets into everything anyway, so that tends to implicate him. However, whichever one did it had to reach over undisturbed items, and the dog has never expressed interest in my painting table, so that tends to implicate the boy. Purely circumstantial evidence all around-- but I've put noses in the corner for less!!!

Here's all my 29th so far, and the 6th and last section is primed, glued to popsicle sticks and paint bottle handles, and the first color applied. I gotta say, though, that I'm getting really tired of these guys. I want to walk over to my paint table and see something different for a change! Just one more section to get more section...

29th Infantry Division