Monday, May 16, 2011

Blood Bowl Norse finished!

Blood Bowl Norse, a photo by The Gonk on Flickr.
Yay! The Norse are completely completed, and I have run them through my little birthday bash as-- wait for it!!-- team name Turning Thorty, har har har!! Anyway, the party was a blast, we played Blood Bowl straight through for almost twelve hours. My incredible wife stocked us up with Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, Subway platters for lunch, local Chenese joint trays of food for dinner, kept the coffee pot full, wrangled the kids, and had more Yuengling on hand than the thirteen of us could possibly drink! We only (!) got in three games. I went into the last round ranked second, and played first place-- we tied and third place won his game, taking the day! My opponent and I also tied on TD differential, so the tie breaker went to casualties, with him having the better differential, so I ended third on the day-- not too shabby. Pictures of my team on the next page:

The bases came out really nicely. I painted them with two dappled browns (wasted effort as it all got covered). I then stuck a variety of Autumn Silflor Tufts on them. This is the first time I've used this product, and I'm sold. Great stuff. I then covered the remaining base with acrylic modeling paste, then drybushed everything with Scenic Cement and stuck it in some snow flock.


Now, I suppose, back to 15mm World War Two...those beaches won't defend themselves, you know...


  1. Great looking team, I didn't get a good look at them during our match since most of them were in the knocked-out box!

    Post the birthday bash already so I can steal some pics! It was a mega-blast...

  2. Bases came out great, Andy! How many were there at the Bash altogether?


  3. Mik: Here are the pics.

    Gonsalvo: We had thirteen players altogether. Quite a crew! I was actually worried about temperature with so many bodies in one room of the house, but it was a cool day and everything was great!

  4. Awesome day indeed .... the figs look awesome !

  5. If it was a beauty contest you would have won.

  6. Aww shucks, Tom, I bet you say that to all the gamers... ;-)