Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out of My Mind On Saturday Night

Khalith, Mummy King
Khalith, Mummy King, a photo by The Gonk on Flickr.
Productivity, bah! My wife and kids leave me alone and the very next day I am struck down by a nasty cold/sinus infection that has taken me two and half weeks to finally get completely rid of!! TANJ!! I have gotten just about spit done since my last post, but here is a Reaper Mummy Pharaoh I had kicking around primed for a few years and finally finished before I got too sick to do anything but lay on the couch and watch NetFlix. With any luck, though, all these antibiotics and steroids I've been taking will keep me healthy for Historicon next weekend!! I'm looking forward to it, although I just realized the new location is about an hour further than is estimating a 10.5 hour drive for us. Eh, it's worth it.

Oh, wow, blue smudges on his back left shoulder. I am going to just stop photographing my miniatures so I never notice stuff like this.

Khalith, Mummy KingKhalith, Mummy KingKhalith, Mummy KingKhalith, Mummy King

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