Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Five Weeks

Ammon Miniatures Cyber-Monkey
Cybermonkey, a photo by The Gonk on Flickr.
Five effin' weeks my family is out of town. You know what all I got done in that time? This. Ammon Miniatures' Cybermonkey. Between being sick, being lazy and going to Historicon, that single miniature is the only thing I completed. Disgusting! This is the first resin gaming piece I've painted, and I have to say I think it's not really an acceptable material. Sorry, Citadel Finecast. Resin has been used for years in thicker and larger scale casting, but at this scale, it's just too flexible and fragile. Painting this guy, I snapped the radar dish off its stand. I shouldn't say snap, that implies something more like a plastic break-- this felt like chocolate cake coming apart. The reglue is probably a stronger joint. Resin can-- CAN-- deliver superior quality casts, and I figure most of these boutique resin castings are more for painting and displaying, rather than gaming. However, this figure was just too cool not to add to my growing super apes collection...

Ammon Miniatures Cyber-MonkeyAmmon Miniatures Cyber-MonkeyAmmon Miniatures Cyber-MonkeyAmmon Miniatures Cyber-MonkeyAmmon Miniatures Cyber-Monkey


  1. More painting, less beer, Andy! :-)

    Cool looking figure, though.


  2. That's a cool little fig you've completely there, ans always looks top notch. The blue doohickey and the metal on his arm look especially nice.

    He obviously lost his tail in battle because everyone knows monkeys have tails, apes do not.

    Don't sweat the productivity either, I painted two Blood Bowl figs in that five weeks bringing me to a total of eleven *for the year*.