Thursday, September 29, 2011

Loyal Rebels

I just received in the mail my copy of Loyal Rebels: Andreas Hofer and the Tyrolean Uprising of 1809. It's a book I've been interested in getting for a while, as English sources on the subject are scarce. I finally saw one come across AbeBooks and snatched it up-- for $8, including the shipping!! Quite a bargain. Not just that, it appears to be signed by the author.

I actually have mixed feelings about such books-- this appears to have been a personal gift from the author to John E. ("Jack") Sunder, apparently a colleague and somebody he seems close to. This almost certainly means it came via an estate sale, so not the happiest of transactions. Still, I hope they both would have taken some pleasure in it ending up in the hands of somebody who appreciates it!


  1. Oh, I think they'd be happy to see it fall into the hands of someone who would appreciate it... as opposed to say, chucked out in the trash by someone who had no idea what they had.

    BTW, I WANT this book, Andy, LOL! I have my Eureka Tyrolean Rebels deal to paint next year!


  2. Peter, I had my eye on those figures, too! I just can't justify it, I'll never get them painted. But, maybe someday I'll get to play with yours at Historicon!!

    FWIW, I got this using AbeBooks' saved search feature, which e-mails me a list of matches against my saved searches when they're found. I've gotten a few interesting finds that way, or waiting until something I wanted came along at a price low enough for me to buy.

  3. You can't even put a price tag on books with inscriptions like this. I'm with Gonsalvo, its found its way to good hands.