Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mah boy gets Gutshot!

IMG_1648, a photo by The Gonk on Flickr.
Three Rivers Con is an occasional local convention which is mostly devoted to role playing. I've been meaning to make it to one, but something always seems to come up! This year, a small window opened up between soccer games and family obligations for me to take Number One Son to the show. It wasn't just the show, but Mik was running Gutshot with Flounder's assistance. Flounder has run this several times for us, yet I had never been able to make one of the games, so I was actually pretty excited about playing in it! Mik borrowed my Whitewash City buildings, but used Lego cowboys. This was a hoot, especially since Number One Son is also a Lego fan. We were given two Gutshot character sheets at random, and then took turns assembling our characters! It was more fun than I expected.

The game went really well. I spread my characters out a bit to make sure I didn't gang up on my son, although we did trade a number of shots. The highlight of the game was my TN 9 (pretty bad) townie who compensated for his lack of skill by running up and shotgunning three people in the face. He wound up the last man standing.

Really? You're shooting at me again? Come on!

In addition to the game of Gutshot, we played a game of Dixit from the con's impressively large collection of board games available. That's a game I've been looking at and will probably pick up soon, as it seems like it would be a fun game for our family, which includes a couple of "non-gamer" members.

There was also a nice miniatures painting track with sponsorship from Reaper, Mantic and Black Orc Games. While Mik and I had a speed painting contest on a free Gallup (which didn't have a guitar-- we were wondering what the strap was for!), Number One Sun painted up a cool Tiger Swordsman, with tiger stripes and blood spray all over the miniature like only a very enthusiastic ten year old could paint.

A local gaming store sponsor, Organized Play, raffled a $10 gift certificate to the younger con attendees. They only had two entrants in the end, though, and they gave them both one. Very cool of them!


Number One Son and I stopped by on our way home and picked up some Star Wars Clone Wars trade paperbacks and, with a little monetary supplement from the old man, the TPB of the greatest comic so far of the 21st century, Axe Cop.

All in all, a small show, but I definitely felt like we got our $10 worth of fun out of it in just the short time we were there. I would love to have stayed longer and maybe gotten into an RPG with Number One Son. I think we will definitely make more of an effort to clear time out of our schedule for the next show.


  1. Wow, I totally missed seeing that game at the con. I'm glad that you guys came out and had fun!

  2. Hey there. Great write-up of your experiences at the Con! I was running the miniatures painting area, and my husband brought a lot of the board games, and we're both happy to hear that you had a good time with those events, along with others!

  3. Glad you put those pics to good use! I've been slacking in the posting department, I need to get on the ball and get some stuff up, I've got pics of the painting area, board game hoard, and more.

  4. Hey Andy, great to see you and your son having a great time at the convention - a excellent experience for Dad and son! I have 2 great daughters in their 20's, one of whom grew up to love games, but no roleplayers or wargamers there!