Monday, September 24, 2012

D-Day Maps and Groundscale Questions

Ed: Fixed links. Not a lot has been going on in my D-Day preparations this week. My brother-in-law has been in town visiting, and I have been covered up with work. Number One Son and I managed to progress one single turn in our game, although it is still set up to be finished! Anyway, I was poking around the web looking for D-Day stuff and ran across some nicely detailed 1:7920 maps of Omaha beach. I don't anticipate doing bluffs for a while, but I made sure and saved copies of this for when I do.
A nice modern picture of the length of Omaha beach, showing the bluffs.

I have ordered some Hotz fields, and bought some thin scouring pads to make small, non-hedgerow fields. I'm considering doing some Utah flooded fields...but the telescoping FoW ground scale is kind of throwing me off. I initially didn't think the game scale would extend into the flooded fields, but I read in the FoW rulebook that 24" in a half mile...what is five feet? Miles? Heck, I may need the FAR side of the flooded fields... Does that make sense? No, because then by width, I'm covering all of Utah beach and then some! Kinda strange. But it would give an excuse to have paratroopers...

Ed: I think the thing to do is treat it as roughly tank skirmish groundscale, with the scaling only affecting the shooting ranges. And try not to think too hard about it.


  1. Trying to put together D-Day scenarios for FoW will do your head in.

    Adjacent bunker complexes on the table can easily wind up too far apart and yet too close together at the same time.

    Too far apart for the weapons in them to provide supporting crossfire (as they did historically) but too close together for you to be able to deploy the number of troops that actually landed on the beach between them.

    1. Yes, I agree! We played this weekend, though, and had a good time. I just haven't had time for a writeup yet.