Monday, August 29, 2005

Blog Updates

I ran across a few Wargaming weblogs I wasn't aware of. NapNuts has a news page, and member Captain Arjun has started Wargames Correspondance. Arjun links to Confessions of a Wargamer and fatgoblin's ranting. Searching TMP, I found 28mm a day, the humorous Country Diary of Carlos Plynkes, Maksim Smelchak's 6mm-Minis (man, I help admin the 6mm_Miniatures yahoo group with him, and didn't know about that), and Junior General has a blog.


  1. Hi Andy,
    You were one of the people that we discussed the groups with way back when. You were OK with it at the time, but I can remove you from admin if you want. I'd rather not though since you're one of the three relly active mods. Let me know...
    By the way, I love your site!
    Did you catch my friend and I at the TMP contest?
    You accidentally left the "-ak" of the end of Smelch-ak in my name.

  2. Maksim, sorry about leaving that off! I've corrected it. Also, I was referring to not knowing about your blog, not the 6mm_Miniatures group, sorry I wasn't clearer. Yeah, I saw the contest entry, good luck on that!
    Stu, no problem!! Some very nice stuff there.