Friday, August 19, 2005

Thinking About Big Bases

I've always wanted to do 6mm on big bases. Baccus has some very inspring pictures on his site. Here is a very inspiring photo of French battalions made up of over 100 figures each. In this photo of British and Portuguese troops, notice the layout of the lines...Charles Kirke has his officers on the flanks and drummers to the rear like a real battalion might be formed up. Very nice. In this SYW picture, it even has a regimental gun on the flank of the unit.

I was thinking about doing AWI. How would the 6mm cost compare to 25mm? If I did AWI in 25mm, I'd use Perry figures at $12 for 6, or in my case, $24 a unit. For Baccus 6mm, I was thinking of 2 ranks of 24 per stand. At $6.60 for 80 figures, that's about $8 a unit. Adler would be a little more expensive, about $12 a unit. Even going "bag base," it's still 1/3-1/2 the price of 25mm figures.
I think I'll save those big Perry figures for skirmish games...

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