Thursday, August 25, 2005

Initial order of Baccus AWI

I ordered a couple of packs of Baccus AWI as samples from Heritage Studios (excellent service), and have the first ones painted up. Read on...

I started on the British line in tricorne and campaign dress. Here they are primed-- chubby little fellows, aren't they!

I wasn't too impressed, at first. My 6mm experience is H&R, GHQ and Irregular, and this chunkier style was a bit of a departure. However, I felt better once I started painting them. They actually feature paintable detail, and I thought they looked pretty good painted up.

It took me an hour and 15 minutes to paint these. I'm thinking of 16 per 40x20mm stand, so this would be two stands. It takes me about six hours to do four 40x20mm stands of 15mm Napoleonics, so say three hours for two stands. They definitely paint up more quickly. I've got to order some bases now and see how they looked based up properly.

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