Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Infinity and JC Figures Size Comparisons

I took some comparison shots of my Infinity and JC Figures miniatures for the curious.

I'm using a VOR Union soldier and a GW Tau for comparison purposes. Note the the Inifinity TAG isn't finished yet (lacks antennae) and the probe isn't glued together, just fitted together for the photograph.
The Infinity figures seem slightly taller than GW, although they have more realistic body proportions, if not weapon size, which can make them actually appear a little smaller.

L to R: Infinity TAG, VOR Union, GW Tau, Infinity probe; VOR Union, Infinity Fusilier, JC Figure, GW Tau; VOR Union, JC Figures CLAWS, JC Figure, GW Tau; VOR Union battlesuit, CLAWS, TAG, Heavy Gear (original scale); CLAWS, TAG from above.
You may have seen all the pieces the CLAWS comes in. At first, I was really excited at how customizable it would be. Then, I was totally discouraged at how difficult it would be to put together. It turned out not to be too bad. I glued the thighs on the torso first, then the rest of the legs downwards, the large arms, the head, the small arms, then the pads and aerials. It took me probably about two hours or so. It also isn't as customizable as I would like for that much work. You couldn't do it in a kneeling position or pose the gun much. JC has said that the next such figure will be more customizable.
The TAG went quicker, finishing in about five glueing steps (torso, both arms, head, and two sets of aerials). Despite some really nice ball and socket joints, it's hardly posable at all. The arms and gun pretty much lock in tight against the chest. I also am a little less impressed by Corvus Belli's casting. They did a good job, but definitely not great. I had to do a fair amount of cleanup on him, and I hate the sprue on the forehead. It's so obvious, and I'll never get that area smooth without filing it down. Pretty irritating.
Also, here is the first JC Figure I have completely finished. I'm pretty pleased with her hair, that's the first time I've done red hair.

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