Monday, December 19, 2005

Infinity Has Arrived!

I came home for lunch and found my Infinity order had arrived from Wargames, Inc. I ordered it on Thursday, and received it on Monday during the Christmas season. That's the kind of service I have always received from them, they've been really great.

There's not really a whole lot to show right now, but if you were curious about the packaging, here you go.

The Starter Pack included a small printed copy of the quick start rules. I didn't do a thorough examination, but they appeared to be the same as the PDF quick start rules on their site.
I somehow managed not to take a picture of it, but one box flap on each of the boxes has what I guess are game markers you can cut out and use for the figures.
All in all, they struck me as very high production figures. High quality sculpting, really well painted sample figures, full color custom packaging-- Corvus Belli, if nothing else, deserves cudos for getting everything in line for the release of a new range. I'd love to know who painted these figures. They really did an outstanding job.
I was a little concerned with the "antenna" sticking out from the back of the Armored Cav figure. I took one out and applied a little pressure to see how easy the thin pieces would be to bend. They strike me as very firm metal, not easily bent at all. I'm pleased.
I was also concerned with the "faces" on the Drones. If you look at the pictures, they really appear to have faces on the front plates. I'm glad to say they do not have faces! Just five "eyes" arranged like pips on a d6, and a scribe line underneath. It doesn't look much like a face in my hand.
The figures appear to be very cleanly cast. Almost no mold lines, and, apart from a moderately large piece of gate sprue on a remote, not a lot of flash. All that appears seem to me to be from gates, nothing like mold defects or "webbing" from leakage between the mold pieces.

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